Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mini Bisquick Quiches with Bacon, Onion & Cheese...Heading to Happy Valley!

I debated putting that in the title.

I mean the, "Heading to Happy Valley!"

I don't want anyone who reads my blog to, "jump ship" just because my husband and I are, Nittany Lion alumni and FANS!

Anywhoo...I still have Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes to make and loads of laundry to do (not to mention children to get to bed and an entire car to pack with TAILGATE essentials!)

We'll be on our way tomorrow the meantime here is part of what we'll all be enjoying while sipping Bloody Marys at the tailgate on Saturday morning with friends...


Basic Bisquick Quiche Recipe


1 cup Bisquick
2 cups milk
4 eggs


Preheat oven to 350.

In a large bowl, mix the Bisquick, milk and eggs together until well combined.

Butter a quiche (or pie pan) and fill with quiche fillings of choice (ie: diced ham, Swiss cheese, onion...etc)

Cover with the Bisquick Batter.

Bake for about 30-40 minutes.

Remove from oven, let sit a few minutes then slice and serve. OR COOL to room temp, cover with foil and place in refrigerator or freeze until ready to eat. Then simply REHEAT.

* HERE I used a nonstick mini muffin tin.

I sprayed the tin VERY well with non-stick cooking spray.

Next, filled EACH mini muffin tin hole with:

1.) A few FRESH, CRISPY bacon bits (Not the store bought - real bacon bits!)
2.) Diced onion that had been sauteed in a bit of butter until soft
3.) Pinch+ of grated Monterey Jack cheese

Then, I covered those ingredients by filling the mini muffins with the Bisquick batter ~ ~ bringing the batter to the top of the rim (But not Overflowing)

Last, top with just a bit of fresh chives (optional) and then bake in the oven for about 23-25 minutes.

LET COOL SLIGHTLY or to room temp. 

Loosen the sides of the mini quiches with a butter knife and lift from the pan.

(YIELDS 48 mini quiches.)

Can be served immediately.......or refrigerated ....or frozen and reheated to enjoy later.



Syd said...

I wish I could tailgate with you guys!! Also, I love that you aren't ashamed to admit to using Bisquick. That shit is...well, THE SHIT. LOL

Unknown said...

AMEN Sid! I know people who "look down" on it...but since I'm not the best baker that ever walked the earth...I use it sometimes...seems like when I do, it always turns out perfect!

Clint said...


StephenC said...

This has inspired me. There are so many variations possible with this. Give me a minute. Thanks.

Lea Ann said...

I love this idea ... and just think about all the flavor combo possibilities!

Unknown said...

These look fantastic!! And, I will forgive you for being a Nittany Lion fan .. but only until they play again The Big Red of Nebraska!! :)

Saee Koranne-Khandekar said...

Good lord, they look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Well saddle my horse. These will make me take a ride to Happy Valley as well when I taste them. Freakin' delicious!

Beth Michelle said...

Though I am a Miami Canes fan and alumni, I would totally tailgate with you if it meant being able to eat these! These look amazing. I love how little they are too! Perfect finger foods!!

Karen said...

I don't care what team or even what sport you're a fan of...I just want to come to this tailgate!! Goodness gracious these quiche look amazing.

Erin said...

I tried making these tonight and I think I was lacking filling as they weren't as good as yours! Mine weren't as cheesy as expected so I will make sure to "over do it" next time. Plus mine seemed to be a bit "doughy" on the bottom. Any tips to share? How would you wrap them for freezing? Thank you for always inspiring me to try new things.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you tried them Erin! :)

I cook mine on Convection-Bake so the bottoms are sure to "set" and cook thru. Not sure what setting on your oven you used but maybe just "BAKE" next time to ensure bottom-up cooking.

Also yes, I go pretty liberal w/the filling and then just a bit of the mix to the top of the mini muffin cup - not over flowing.

Also, I should have mentioned to be sure ALL FILLINGS ARE DICED FINELY and that the CHEESE IS TOO (or GRATED.) ANY LARGE CHUNKS will sometimes casue the mini quiches to seperate in half....

Hope this helps!

Mamie said...

These look great. What a great tailgating finger food.

Morsels of Life | CJ Huang said...

These mini quiches look like something I definitely want to try!

grcg said...

I made these with onions, mushrooms, ham and spinach and they were very good.

I appreciated how you laid out this recipe and described things. That helped me out a lot.

Mine turned out a little dry - but I attribute that more to our temporary range than the recipe. And these are definitely good enough to keep practicing!!

Thanks for the recipe!!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I made the quiche recipe for dinner last night and the whole family liked it. Thanks for the yummy recipe!

Kristi said...

Found these on Pinterest and I Love LOVE these! I'm always in search of finger food snacks for my 1 year old that I can cram with goodness. This time: onion, spinach, turkey and cheese. These were great!

Unknown said...

So, I found this earlier on Pinterest and we had them tonight...with different toppings - turkey bacon, low-salt ham, different shredded cheeses, broccoli, spinach, and green pepper - and they were YUMMY! Easy-peasy and pleasing! Thanks for sharing! We'll be adding this to the recipe box!

d said...

I featured this on my blog today at I have linked the recipe back here so they have to go to your site to get it. Hope you get lots of traffic. Great recipe!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I made the mini quiches yesterday for a group of friends. Everyone thought they were delicious!! I was impressed with how quicky I was able to make them. Thanks for the great recipe!