Thursday, April 12, 2012

Taking a Break because, "Shit Happens!"

Sorry if I offended anyone with that title ~ but sometimes you just have to say it like it is!

Since I mentioned on my blog's facebook page that I was taking a break from blogging due to an, "unexpected life event," I've had some people email me asking if everything was okay. Everyone here is fine. We had a house fire the other night at 3am - had it not been for the working smoke detectors in the house, things could have been really bad.

You don't realize when you're sound asleep, how smoke can filter into your home without you even noticing! The alarms sounded in the basement and thank God we heard them as soon as we did, because by the time we jumped out of bed, the smoke was taking over the entire 1st floor of the house. We got the kids out and called 911. The firefighters did an AMAZING job getting the fire under control!

We still can't live in the house as we're dealing with mostly smoke and some fire damage in the walls, but for the most part we were soooo lucky! We're doing fine and our very old house is still standing!

We have family and friends all close by helping us out :) As soon as things settle down, I hope to be back cooking, photographing and blogging!

If you do one thing today...take the time to make sure ALL your smoke detectors/fire alarms are working!  It's easy to let them go saying you'll, "deal with them tomorrow.". (See to it that they are on every floor too!) Smoke detectors really do save lives and homes and in most cases - make all the difference in the world!

Cheers, Carolyn
(by the way, if this post's format looks weird, it's because I'm on a different computer, it's not allowing me to preview or spell check??? End user error perhaps?! Never. haha)