About Me

My blog's original name was DesignWineandDine, then changed to CaresKitchen.com...after I stupidly let that domain name expire and someone bought it up...I changed my site to KitchenSnaps.com.

So welcome to KitchenSnaps.com! My name is Carolyn and I love to cook and photograph food!  

In 2012 I was contacted by the editors at SheKnows.com and asked if I'd become a regular contributor to their site...providing recipes and photos and general thoughts about food. So I blog here and link to my recipes on SheKnows.

I believe food should be uncomplicated, fun and beautiful! That's not to say I don't enjoy the challenge of a more complicated dish...but in general I stick to meals fairly easy to prepare.

I enjoy finding and using local ingredients and my favorite types of meals are served at the table family style! Give me a crusty loaf of bread, a big ol' pot of seafood stew and a beer...family and friends by my side...and I'm a happy, happy girl! :)))) 

My husband shares the same love for food and cooking, which means most weekends you'll find us (with our two lovely children in tow) out and about gathering what we'll need for that night's feast!  

I love good wine, good food and good company! So thanks for visiting KitchenSnaps...I hope you enjoy! Cheers!