Friday, November 29, 2013

Turkey and Cheese Chowder

Turkey and cheese chowder

Staring at a pile of leftover Thanksgiving turkey?

Turn it into a pot of this hot and creamy Turkey and Cheese Chowder!

 You'll find my recipe here at SheKnows: Turkey and Cheese Chowder recipe

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving pizza

Thanksgiving pizza

Give those coveted Thanksgiving leftovers new life with this pretty (and delicious) Thanksgiving pizza!

I added a few extra ingredients to pull it all together...garlic, red onion, Gorgonzola cheese, etc...

You'll find more (and a tip) here at SheKnows: Thanksgiving pizza recipe

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pineapple stuffing with crispy bacon recipe

pineapplestuffing Trust me with this one... if you like pineapple upside down cake... you will absolutely love this pineapple stuffing with crispy bacon!

The bacon was not added to this dish to be gimmicky...the touch of crisp, saltiness truly adds to the overall taste of the dish!

A traditionalist at heart, I wouldn't serve this as my only stuffing on Thanksgiving day, but as a side dish option (perfect with turkey or ham) it's a welcome surprise to the typical spread!

*I used Pepperidge Farm white sandwich bread in this works well in a stuffing.

You'll find the simple recipe here at SheKnows: Pineapple stuffing with crispy bacon recipe

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Country-style bacon, apple and cheese egg bake recipe


Whether you have overnight guests coming for the holidays or you're simply looking for a special family breakfast...

Wake up their senses with this, Country-style bacon, apple and cheese egg bake!

This is a great one to make a day in advance (just be sure not to overcook since you'll be reheating)...then in the morning...take it out of the fridge, cover it with foil and reheat until warm though-out ... 

(Sitting for a day, allows all those delicious ingredients to come together and then shine through when ready to eat!)

Juice, hot coffee and warm cinnamon raisin toast with butter makes this egg bake extra special!

Find the recipe here at SheKnowsCountry-style bacon, apple and cheese egg bake

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cheesy Hasselback Potatoes


Kick up your Sunday game day baked potato bar with a tray these loaded Hasselback potatoes!

Find more here at SheKnows: Cheesy Hasselback Potato Recipe

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hasselback Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows and Brown Sugar Butter


Make a a whole pan of these Hasselback sweet potatoes with mini marshmallows and brown sugar butter! 

Bake the potatoes ahead of time...then about 20 minutes before you're ready to serve dinner, stuff them with the marshmallows and brown sugar butter and pop them back into the oven to melt the marshmallows and caramelize the tops!

Top with a pinch of Kosher salt and you have a perfect sweet potato side dish all of your guests will love!

You'll find to how to and recipe here at SheKnows: Marshmallow stuffed Hasselback sweet potatoes with brown sugar butter

Monday, November 11, 2013

5 compound butter recipes


Compound butters are one of those things that are so simple to make, yet provide such an impact!

Whether you're spreading it on an earthy whole grain bread, crispy baguette or a warm homemade biscuit...

Whether you're melting some onto grilled meat, chicken, veggies or fish....


Here are 5 compound butter recipes:


...that are sure to enhance any food!

PicMonkey Collage

A perfect hostess gift for the Holiday'll find my recipes here at SheKnows: 5 Compound butter recipes

Wrapped buttersedit

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Brown sugar ginger rosemary crisp cookies


So they're not in the shape of little snowmen...

...and they're not covered with icing.

 They're not dusted with confectioners sugar...

 ...and they don't have chocolate...or nuts.

All that being said...I promise these Brown sugar ginger rosemary crisp cookies are a must for the Christmas season!

Soft and chewy in the center with a crispy, buttery edge... if you haven't made these before, once you do, they're sure to become a holiday favorite!

(*To make them a super flat, buttery them down on the cookie sheet before baking.
**The rosemary flavor is very, very subtle...)

You'll find the recipe here at SheKnows: Brown sugar ginger rosemary crisp cookie