Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cheeseburger with Soft Fried Egg and Fresh Herbs


There's something about a decadent Sunday morning breakfast that sets the tone for the entire week! 

As if you're exclaiming to the days ahead.... "Let's make it fabulous folks!"


"That means you Monday morning!"

"Tuesday're gonna shine!"

"Wednesday you rock!"

"Thursday...have you lost weight?"

" know I love you!"


What we have here is Chef Marcus Samuelsson's recipe for the Best Basic Burger  (our new go-to for sure) topped with a soft fried egg and fresh chopped herb mix of oregano, sage, basil, chives and thyme.

Nestled between a whole grain toasted English Muffin with melted unsalted butter...well...I'd say it's gonna be a delicious week! :)



Lea Ann said...

F-A-B .. fabulous! One more reason to love Sunday Breakfasts. You know me and my decadent Sunday breakfasts that 99.999% of the time include a runny egg. This will be on my table next weekend.

Unknown said...

that my dear is a gorgeous thing...I have yet to try egg over a burger and with the herbs...decadent!

Marc van der Wouw said...

Wow very... very nice cheese the hamburgers, absolute fabulous!! great !!

Clint said...

Oh. My. God. Y-e-s.

Syd said...

I kinda feel like a pervert for the way I was gawking at those photos. **blush**

The Food Hound said...

I love fun Sunday breakfasts... though I need your secret for making Monday morning better, ha :) Gotta say that bacon and eggs (our breakfast option on the Challenge) does make every day a little nicer!! I am doing something similar to this burger as one of my Challenge burgers in the future! LOVE the addition of the herbs! Mine are slowly growing in the backyard- I need to go dance around them to make them grow faster!

Nuts about food said...

How did you get that fried egg so perfect? It looks poached! You have a good week ahead of you with a start like that.

Unknown said...

Can I please come to your house for breakfast?? And lunch and dinner?? Though Chris always tells me eggs are not meant to be on burgers, I've always thought he was WRONG!! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks all! I never thought I was a burger topped w/egg kind on girl but it was awesome!!!!

Karen said...

I'm intrigued by the egg-topped burger. It sure sounds looks like a great idea!
I wish I had this for breakfast instead of the cold pork chow mein that is now making my stomach angry.

Christina Kim said...

Wow, really the looks of designer food:D Excellent photos, and even more fantastic design/recipe:)

PHUDE-nyc said...

Perfect for May which is National Burger Month and National Egg Month (and National Salad Month as well)! =)


Greg said...

Oh that looks amazing! Clean your plate, pat your stomach amazing!