Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Red Velvet Coffee ~ Experimenting with Java


My friend Lauren recently tried a Red Velvet Latte in of all places...a local hospital cafe.  She was there to see her friend who had just given birth to a new baby boy, when as fate would have it...she met (in her words), "the most wonderful coffee drink she ever had the pleasure of sipping!" 

We've been laughing ever since, thinking of ways she can alter her daily commute just so she can get close again to that, "red velvety goodness!"  Possibly changing careers all together...(nursing perhaps???) 


Well, that was all this obsessed food blogger had to hear...without having tried the latte myself and without the necessary tools to make the proper latte (ie: an espresso machine)...introducing my attempt at a Red Velvet Coffee.  While this is 100% delicious ...(what's not to love???)... I still want to work on perfecting that RED VELVET FLAVOR! 

You'll need:

Strong brewed coffee
Heavy Cream
Almond or Vanilla Extract
Rose's Grenadine
Dark Chocolate Cocoa Powder


Take strong I used a French roast whole bean that I coarsely ground and ran through my French Press. (A standard coffee machine is fine too, just go strong!)


I made a homemade whipped cream:

1 cup heavy cream, 2 teaspoons almond (or vanilla) extract and 1 tablespoon sugar - I hand whipped in a large bowl with a small whisk until soft peaks began to form...about 8 minutes of fast whisking for a beautiful, creamy texture! SO EASY TO MAKE HOMEMADE WHIPPED CREAM!

Once finished with the whisking, I stirred in about one tablespoon of Rose's Grenadine to the homemade whipped cream; this turned the cream pink and added a touch of cherry sweetness flavor.

Taste and add more sugar if you think it needs to be sweeter.


To assemble Red Velvet coffees:

Pour hot coffee into a cup halfway, add a scant tablespoon of dark cocoa powder and stir well to blend.

Then spoon in some of the pink sweet cream and stir again.

Last, top with more cream and sprinkle with a touch of cocoa powder if desired.  Here I served with Cherry flavored chocolates. :)  What a pretty and delicious treat!

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Lauren said...

OMG!!!! This just made my day. I love it. If I wasn't at work right now, I would be at your house enjoying it :)

Unknown said...

We had a Valentine's Day tea/coffee party yesterday with my mom and the was fun to play around with! :)

Heather said...

Yum! I just finished my coffee but I would gladly drink more if it was this recipe!

Nicole said...

It looks so elegant! And very worthy of Valentines Day. How surprising that she had that drink in a hospital cafe!!

Karen said... pretty! But seriously, I think my arm would fall off if I hand whipped cream. You're a champ!

Unknown said...

Wow, now that looks fantastic!

Jane said...

Wow that does sound amazing! And it is such a pretty pink color!

Unknown said...

thanks ladies :) xo They were fun!

Daily Deal said...

I am in love with these flavors, gorgeous!

Unknown said...

A very unique way to present a coffee! Can I also use the coffee coming from the coffee machines office for this recipe? I often send my day in my office and I think this recipe will surely help me enjoy my working hours in my hub.

Annah Lebrun said...

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