Friday, June 3, 2011

How to Steam a Lobster


I've steamed many a lobster in my day, yet still always feel the need to look up on-line how many minutes my lobster should cook. At the overcooked or undercooked lobster is simply a shame!

Obviously, how long a lobster should cook depends on its size.  This one photographed above is quite large at just under 4 lbs, so he should steam approximately
16-18 minutes.  The lobster's shell will be bright red when it's finished cooking.

I found this great link to the website East Coast Gourmet on How to Steam a Lobster Delving into their site a little...looks like they have some excellent seafood too!

I plan to do a follow-up post later today...I'm cooking up two lobsters (this guy above is one of them) and a few other dishes for a seafood dinner around 6pm. (4 kids, 4 adults.)  I need to gather my thoughts around how I am going to serve and present the meal but for to the beach!

Until later ~ Happy Eating My Friends!


Clint said...

Lobsters are the greatest. I couldn't find a four pounder in these parts if I had to. I saw some at the grocery store the other day that topped out at 1.25 lbs. Pitiful.

Anonymous said...

I could never steam a lobster. I have read you should kill them before steaming otherwise it would be terribly cruel.

Joanne said...

I've never ever steamed a lobster before. But now that i have your tutorial, I feel much more confident that I can do it successfully!

Unknown said...

thanks guys :)

Lea Ann said...

I can't even kill a spider let along throw a lobster in a boiling pot of water ... but give me one that's been cooked and I'll eat it like a wild starved animal. :-)

Nicole said...

Awesome! I support you in your lobster cooking, I'll be doing that in a few weeks on Cape Cod! Can't wait!!!! hope it turns out great for you!

Nuts about food said...

Can I come to your dinner, pretty pleeeease...?

Unknown said...

I've only steamed lobsters one time... I think, if I remember correctly, I over cooked them. Hey, what do you expect from a girl from Nebraska? :)

Karen said...

I have to admit that I'm that girl who covers her eyes when the lobster goes in the pot. I just can't do it! But I will definitely pass this how-to on to my husband!
By the way, the new header design is looking good!