Friday, April 2, 2010

Soy Vay Marinades

A huge fan of homemade marinades (especially due to cost and ingredient control), I was first introduced to the SOY VAY line of products when a close friend (a personal chef) slipped a bottle in my mailbox. Such a wonderful find amongst the sea of junk mail and bills...I ran to the store for skirt steak and was barely out of the parking lot before placing it in a Ziploc bag and dousing the SOY VAY on top! A few hours later we were dining on a perfectly seasoned, juicy, medium-rare sliced steak, along side a bowl of lightly fried ginger-scallion rice!

Perfect for when there's no time to make your own...any of the all natural, kosher, SOY VAY marinades sitting in your pantry or fridge, will be a welcome time saver you'll come to depend on time and time again! Until's been my best kept secret!

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