Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grilled Halibut w/Tomato Olive Bruschetta, Arugula and Grilled Italian Bread

Fresh, rich, delicate fish...bold, crisp flavors...this Grilled Halibut Fillet, with Tomato & Olive Bruschetta and fresh Arugula, piled high atop a lightly grilled crusty Italian Bread, was one of the most beautiful & best tasting dinners we've had in a long, long time!

We used our bruschetta recipe with the addition of a few chopped kalamata olives (a crucial ingredient in this meal as the olives lend an important texture and saltiness to the dish - contrasting the richness of the fish.)

We took 1lb of fresh Halibut fillet, lightly brushed with olive oil, salted and white peppered the top and grilled, flesh side down first, then flipped once and continued cooking skin side down, covered for approximately 12 minutes.

Lightly oiled the bread on both sides and grilled 30 second to a minute on each side.

Place bread on plate, top with some bruschetta, place fish on top, more bruschetta, pile fresh arugula on top and then finally another large scoop of bruschetta.

Drizzle with olive oil and ENJOY!

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