Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sausage Pizza Tacos

 Before you say, "no way!"  Stop and think for a second...

What's in a typical taco?

Ground meat, spices, taco sauce...a little salsa with peppers and onion. Lettuce, cheese, cilantro...maybe a few other things???

Well these sausage pizza tacos are not that far off.

Ground sausage (spicy and/or sweet), sauteed peppers and onions...a little pizza sauce, fresh basil and cheese....

So go ahead and marry your two favorite foods! They're a fun spin on family taco night!

*You could replace the sausage with any ground meat...just make sure to drain the grease before mixing in the sauce and then stuffing the shells.

For the recipe and how to visit my post here at SheKnows: Sausage Pizza Tacos

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