Friday, October 18, 2013

Mini caramel apple bites


Feeling the need to redeem myself after, Ralphy the barfing pumpkin. These mini caramel apple bites are the polar opposite...

When I was finished making this plate here, I was half expecting the Queen of England to walk through my kitchen door to place an order.  Now I know...she probably has someone do that stuff for her...but in my imagination, it was her....and she wanted a lot!

So many ...that I was going to have to move to England and open up a quaint little shop where all I do is make these darling little candies for the Royal family... and they just keep handing me sacks of gold for payment!

Kate would become a regular and my best'est friend!

She would share her clothes with me (because in my fantasy we wear the same size) AND let me borrow her riding boots - then give me a few pairs because she, "has so many and we ARE bff's!"

I don't bake or make sweet things very when I do...and it's easy..AND they turn out cute...I'm quite impressed with myself.

So anyway....these are a super adorable (for real ONE bite) treat! They look so pretty when plated and the topping choices are endless! In my experience, the crushed peanuts did the best job of holding up and keeping the caramel in place.

A great idea for any kind of autumn party (Kids, adults or Royalty!!!)'ll find the recipe here at SheKnows: Mini caramel apple bites

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