Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cuban style sandwich with a chipotle, mayonnaise, mustard sauce


My apologies to the Cuban sandwich purists out there...I know there are many of you thinking, "why can't she just leave a good thing alone?! Chipotle Tabasco? Mayonnaise and mustard?! Gasp!"

It's you purists that are the reason I titled this "Cuban style" sandwich as oppose to claiming it to be 100% the real thing.

But still...look at all this deliciousness...


I did read up on the Cuban Sandwich and there are some pretty strong opinions as to what makes one authentic. Some say no yellow mustard at all...instead the slow-roasted, seasoned pork on the buttered and pressed bread should be all the accompaniment you need. Others say mustard is surely the way to go. Some say add salami.

I don't know?  I just say roast the pork yourself (recipe attached... )


....use the best meats, cheese and bread you can find...use a good amount of thinly sliced delicious pickles...put love into it of course ...and in this case...add a chipotle, mayonnaise, mustard sauce because I promise it's delicious! :)

You'll find my recipe and the "how to" here on Cuban style sandwiches with spicy chipotle sauce


Heather said...

I'm not a purist so I'll follow your recipe! I love a good meaty pressed sandwich.

Unknown said...

thanks Heather! :)

Lea Ann (Cooking On The Ranch) said...

As always Carolyn, you take such good photos. I'm not a purist and I'd gobble these down. They really sound good. I wrote about a Hosier Sandwich once. I've never had one and looked at many recipes on the internet. You can rest assured I got a couple of comments from Hosier Sandwich purists ......