Thursday, December 9, 2010

Snowman French Toast ~ Alter Ego's Angry Christmas Rant

So he may not be "Martha worthy," but you have to admit, there's an undeniable charm to that face? (Remember: I'm sensitive when it comes to decorating holiday symbols with faces - recall the pumpkins - so just agree he's adorable and let's move on.)

I know what you're thinking...this post looks long and has already started out weird...I simply do not have the time! Well I agree - because I didn't have time to write it - but then my angry alter ego set in and could not stop typing! In fact, my kinder, gentler side deleted about 50% of this post! 

With that, I've decided over the next few weeks, blog posts will revolve around simple delicious food. The posts will focus on inspirational photos and recipes rather than long personal stories.

But with this post, "alter ego" has one last thing to say before hunkering down to let her "better half" reign for the Holiest of Seasons! "Hear me out" she demands!  But I say, "....only if you'd like."

So, can you believe I got bamboozled last minute into organizing my daughter's entire preschool Christmas party! That's right...pinned up against the wall and told I was their ONLY option and if for some reason I declined, "...there would be no Christmas."

My daughter's four year old vise grip along with Baby Jesus (who I promise you was glaring at me from his strategically placed manger) left me no other option but to oblige.  My half grin and, "I'd love to" response riddled with insincerity!  Now... aside from all the logistical back office planning I'll have to do... I'm responsible for a craft, a game, and an interactive snack for a class with a milk, egg and peanut allergy. (Coming soon to a blog near you.)

In hindsight...I blame ALL of this on those delightful Pumpkin Cookies I made for snack day a few weeks back. (You remember the ones...with the homemade icing drizzle.) Yup, it just goes to show you when it comes to preschool snack day (all you future Moms listen clear) ...the less creative the better!

You KNOW "Microwave Popcorn Snack Mom" was NEVER approached to run the, "Party of all Parties!"

Oh, and when I pressed back a little reminding them not only is this the busiest time of year, but I also have this at home:

I was told it was, "Perfectly fine to bring him."  OH JOY!

That's all. I'm sure with this post (this festive time of year no less) I've left some of you disappointed.  I know there are many thinking, "How could she be so mean?!" or "Why not just savour this time with her child? Before she knows it... she'll be planning her daughter's wedding and "Mrs. Design Wine and Dine" (whoever you are)... you will be 20 years older!"

Fine. I can leave you with this though....while mostly bitter over how I was approached to organize this "shindig" last minute, there's a HUGE part of me that happily accepts the challenge...and is planning a preschool Christmas party... that if all goes well... ♪ ♪ will go down in HIST-TOR-EEEEeeeee!  ♪ ♪

{...Insert cricket chirping here...} Really?! No one?! At least I feel better...

Snowman French Toast

Cut out 3 circles of  bread and make your favorite French Toast recipe. Arrange the 3 circles in a snowman form and decorate. :)

Since we can't cook at the preschool we will not be making these snowmen french toast...but they were thrown together one morning just to get our creative juices flowing!

Here, the kids and I used bacon and confectioners sugar. Please improve upon them and make your snowmen healthier and/or more elaborate: chocolate chips, fruit, whip cream all come to mind!  ENJOY!


Clint said...

I appreciate your attempt to fool your gentle followers into believing you are put-out at being snookered into the leadership role you were obviously angling for. Ha. The party is in good hands.

Anyway, who was it that said "If you want to get something done, ask someone who is busy"?

I don't know what that stuff is dribbling down your little tyke's chin, but I don't think he/she likes it much. Snicker.

Brownieville Girl said...

My sympathies are with your alter ego!!

Huge amount of extra work to take on at this time of year!!!

Happy Baking :-}

Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

See this is good advice!! From another mom who just foolishly volunteered to make cookies for the evening story time last night (7 dozen, not too bad really) and has been shanghaied into doing it again next month (and who grinned really and said heck yeah I'll do that!) I'm learning that if I keep this up I'll be doing it all thru her schooling career. Don't know if that excites or disgusts me LMAO!

The snowman is darn cute, too :)

Gabrielle (the sister) said...

I agree with Clint. It sounds like you were angling for this opportunity. It's a fact that the show-off-moms get saddled with the most work....that is why I set the bar super low. I (seriously) sent my kids into school with what I like to call "the Gas Station Lunch," comprised of a can Progresso soup, turkey jerky and a dixie cup. And by the way, the can had a pull-tab lid, (I'm not a heathen after all). Nevertheless, I received a reprimanding note from the teachers. Something about "five year olds not having the motor skills to use a microwave...." blah, blah, blah....but guess who is NEVER asked to host anything at school?

Syd said...

Your alter ego doesn't curse nearly as much as mine would have in this predicament.

I'm going to pass this advice along to my sister, though I'm pretty sure she safely falls within Gabrielle's camp. (who made me laugh once again)

chow and chatter said...

love your humor I hear ya and the french toast is adorable

Katerina said...

I am sure that this task will consume all your strength and stamina but you will enjoy every moment of it. Good luck and the snowman looks very cute.

Bo said...

Lol...the snowmen are cute.

Nuts about food said...

I adore Frosty the pancake. Now, whether you are seriously dreading the idea of your 4 yr old's party or secretly loving as some above imply, I know not. But I can relate to the total craziness that adds to an already full pre-Xmas period and being a mom of two small ones. It also true, however, as Clint said that the busier you are the more you get done, so I am sure you will be great!

Unknown said...

First..the french toast snowman is adorable! Forget Martha...she doesn't know a good thing when she sees it sometimes :)
As for the bamboozled part... that does suck, but when baby Jesus glares, what can you do? At least there is a small part of you that is happy about it. Go with that..!! And good luck! Hope it goes well (as I'm sure it will)!

Unknown said...

You will have to post photos of the party! I love the snowman, and I am going to add them to my French Toast Christmas Tree menu.

Simply Life said...

can that be ready and waiting for me when I wake up tomorrow? :)

Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine said...

such great fun!

Erin said...

Planning the holiday party sounds like a blast! I am sure you will do great. Maybe you have an event planner friend who can help ;) Oh and when that 4 year old has her wedding, I better be involved! :)