Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kettle Brand Spicy Thai Potato Chips

I was first introduced to these Kettle Brand Spicy Thai Potato Chips while visiting friends from college. While perusing the aisle of their local specialty market, the bright red bag and bold letters SPICY THAI caught my attention. (I'm a marketers easy.) Once we opened the bags ~ we couldn't get enough!

This past weekend, the chips and I were happily reacquainted when I stumbled upon them at our local Whole Foods Market. Sitting amongst a sea of fried...baked...and puffed potato products - there were only two bags left - atop a completely ransacked (holiday weekend) shelf! Like a crazy woman, I set off in a mad dash to scoop the bags up before the young man standing at the opposite end of the aisle. (Something in his eye told me - he wanted them too.) If not for the sake of my unyielding quest to share new found (at least to me) products and flavors...I may have left one bag for him (a friendly Memorial Day cookout gesture of sorts) ...but with only hours until family and friends would be gathering in my backyard expecting food - hostess Godzilla's needs usurped his - and so I placed both bags in my cart and victoriously went on my way...never looking back!

Now I know people have strong opinions about their "chips" and those types and flavors they prefer. I'm actually partial to plain, finding most spice enhanced chips overly bold with phony tasting ingredients - but not these! If you love Thai food and crave that red Thai curry, sweet, lime, spicy, flavor... you have to give these chips a try! Their heat intensifies as you munch away, and like all good potato chips, they become increasing addictive the further your arm disappears into the crinkly, paper lined bag. All natural with no preservatives, these Kettle Brand Spicy Thai Potato Chips are a must have the next time... "you just gotta have that chip!"

*Check Out Kettle Brands Sustainability Page on their Website

*Again -I have no connection to this product or brand - just a darn good chip!


Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

Never tried this flavor but it sounds good! I love their Tuscan 3 cheese ones, they are laced with crack I swear :)

Unknown said...

Andrea - I will have to try those!