Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Empanada Dough from Scratch ~ from a self-proclaimed cheater!


When it comes to making recipes that require a homemade dough from scratch (like pizzas, pies and dumplings)...I'm generally...a cheater!

I've never pretended to be an avid baker ~ or even a good one when I try ~ it's how I justify buying premade doughs from the grocery store or our local pizzeria...

But the last time I made empanadas from a store bought pizza dough, they were chewy, bready...lacking that...


glistening, flaky crust you get from the authentic Latin American restaurants.

So, when I found this recipe for Empanada Dough on epicurious.com...

its simplicity spoke to me...

its rave reviews inspired me...

its taste and texture .........SOLD ME!

Stuff this Empanada dough with anything!  Savory, sweet, fruity, meaty, beany or cheesy...it will ALL work ...and for that...it's a keeper!!!  

If you missed the link above ~ Click here for the DELICIOUS recipe!


laurie said...

They look awesome!

Unknown said...

Thanks Laurie! The dough really was simple and perfect! I kept telling myself..."I OWN THE DOUGH....THE DOUGH DOES NOT OWN ME!" :) lol

mutfak gazetesi said...

They look awesome.

StephenC said...

Could a person use a refrigerated pie crust dough? If not, what other than pizza dough might work. I won't make my own dough. That's my own way of cheating. I'll only get your response if you send it to scrout1944@msn.com.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting ready to make a cake and when I blog about it, the first sentence will be "Well look at me, I baked". I just do-not bake. Not to mention the horrid results I've had with dough. With all that said, these look so beautiful I might just give them a try. :-)

Alisa said...

Now that is empanada! saw the recipe and it does look easy. Hope I can get it to tastes as beautiful and delicious too.

Unknown said...

Those look fantastic!! I made empanadas from scratch once and they did not look as lovely as yours!

Nuts about food said...

Wow, they look pretty amazing for someone who doesn't like baking!!

Karen said...

Okay...it sounds simple enough, but I can already picture my hands covered in some overly sticky dough-like substance, on the verge of tears and reaching for the bottle of wine!!
But if you say so...maybe I'll give it a try. I've got to be successful at dough one time or another, right??
The empanadas do look amazing!
(And you're absolutely right...we definitely have to meet some day!)

Unknown said...

Thanks all!

Karen you crack me up! It's why I always have wine on hand! It's also why I didn't take more photos of the process...I was covered in dough (and didn't want to touch my camera) and concerned about keeping the water ice cold and the dough covered! It was easy though! :)

tasteofbeirut said...

I make from scratch most of the time, but luckily I found a store that sells frozen empanadas with a great, flaky crust; I guess the cook is from Argentina. Yours look great and I am off to check out the recipe!

Taylor said...

I'm a self-proclaimed dough cheater too! Maybe i'll have to give this a shot?! Looks delicious!!

Anonymous said...