Monday, November 29, 2010

Chicken with Ginger Garlic Scallion Sauce ~ A Life Altering Trip

We're back from our trip. Despite all the fun we had, I have to share some news that anyone who has ever raised children will understand in its scope and severity. It's a game changer.

Our two year old son went from a little guy who loved to go to bed every night and snuggle in his crib (even went as far as to wish us goodnight while we closed his door)... to a crib catapulting, hysterical, crazed, mommy leg hugging, "not going to bed unless you're beside me singing" creature from the land of toddlers I flat out don't like!

This was not suppose to happen! He was suppose to be so thrilled with being home and back in his own bed, that after bath time he'd look up at us with those darling huge eyes and through his adorable soft lips murmur, "Bed time Mommy and Daddy? Please."

But no, Thanksgiving Trip 2010 changed him.

So what's a Mom to do? After six (yes six) scoop-ups in the hallway to return the boy to his bed, I stood there and sang the crap out of, "Hush Little Baby Don't Say a Word...." You know the one..."Daddy's Gonna Buy You a Mockingbird..."  - BUT -  because I don't know the words - I just started making up all sorts of ridiculous versus!

The first word that came to mind (that rhymed with the previous) flew out of my mouth with ease - all to ensure no breach in song that might encourage widening eyes or spontaneous movement.  In fact, for the sake of continuous flow and rhyme - I swore once and even made a few words up.

Don't judge...I'm so sleep deprived.

After he finally drifted off to sleep, I decided I'd continue the wine theme of the last week month by opening a bottle of Pinot Noir and then preparing this delicious Chicken with Ginger Garlic Scallion Sauce for my husband and myself. 

With this dinner...I take solace in the fact that when I've lost all control in life...I can still rule my kitchen!  It's good to be home.

Chicken with Ginger Garlic Scallion Sauce
Adapted from  by: jimrug1

*The original recipe calls for Salmon, I substituted chicken breast as I had some on hand

1 lb boneless, skinless chicken breast, cut into 2 inch pieces
1/4 cup fresh ginger (1/4 inch slice) 
4-6 large scallions (sliced on a bias 1 1/2 inch long)
*I added 1/4 cup sliced hot peppers (cut on a bias as we wanted heat)
*I added 3 garlic cloves, sliced thinly
3/4 cup dry white wine
2 T soy sauce
1/2 cup water
1 Tsp sugar
1 - 2 Tables olive oil
toasted sesame oil (Garnish)


Place a heavy 10 - 12 inch skillet on high heat. When hot, add Olive Oil to barely coat bottom.

When oil smokes, place chicken pieces in pan and cook until par cooked (about 4 minutes)

Remove chicken and set aside. Turn down heat to medium. Add ginger, hot peppers and garlic. Cook 2-3 mins. Add Scallions. Cook 30 sec. Add wine. Deglaze until the wine reduces to 1/2 cup or less.

Add water, soy sauce, sugar. Bring to a simmer and reduce heat to med. Simmer approx. 1 - 2 Mins.

Add chicken back to the pan. Simmer for approx. 2-4 min. or until cooked through.

To Serve: Spoon the Ginger/Scallion sauce over the Chicken and drizzle with toasted Sesame Oil, Garnish with Scallion. (I think a garnish of cashews or peanuts would be nice too!)

Serve with Jasmine Rice.


farida said...

Delicious recipe, chicken is favourit food my family, thanks for your great recipe.

Gabrielle, "the sister" said...

My subliminal messages have worked. There iis no way you may be blessed with two children who willingly take to their beds. The chicken looks good but the kid is flat out awesome. I may start a trust fund for him if he keeps it up.

The Food Hound said...

Haha! Poor thing :) But I commend you for the wine and delicious food! These flavors are always perfect together, aren't they? Have a great rest of the evening-- try to squeeze in a nap tomorrow :)

Velva said...

I have two boys, although passed the toddler age, I can totally relate. Will it help to say that it will pass? He will soon be back to craving his bed and his bedtime. I promise.

I wish that when my boys were toddlers that it would have occurred to me to open a bottle of wine, and take over my kitchen. Damn, that is good advice.


Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

Sweet lord this sounds amazing!! You know my love of all things Asian, I will be making this SOON!!! Maybe for my lunch :) YUM I can't wait!

Sorry about your son. that stinks! BIG TIME! Keep on doing what you're doing, it'll pay off. And keep on drinking the wine. If the kid doesn't sleep you'll pass out eventually and all will be right again in the am :) Just kidding. Kinda :) I have a 4 yr old, I feel your pain!

Katerina said...

My son is almost 8 and he still wants me to sit for five minutes next to his bed and hold his hand. I feel you more than you know. Great meal for you and your husband. We have to find sometime for ourselves otherwise we will go crazy.

Medifast Coupons said...

Great chicken recipe, awesome, thanks.

Clint said...

My wife has informed me that we will be having this dish soon. Thank you!

I concur on the wine as a medication to help in dealing with the raising of children. My dad used a belt, but I like your approach ever so much better.

Welcome home!

Joanne said...

Ahhh poor you! Maybe all the traveling set off some kind of craziness in him. Hopefully it's nothing that a little time at home won't fix.

I sometimes wonder if I cook so much just because of the control factor. And also because it means I get to eat delicious food. Hmmm... Love this chicken dish! Nothing wrong with medicating with a little wine here and there.

Unknown said...

I HATE being sleep deprived, I thank god my daughter sleeps super well at night. Nice dinner, I love my VINO at night too. CHEERS!

Mags @ the Other Side of 50 said...

(((Hugs)) to you and your little guy.

Always remember, you're lucky he lets you live in his house.

Taylor said...

I can only hope that someday when I have kids, I will have the energy to whip up something half as delicious as this looks!

Karen said...

Always a good chuckle to be found here! Well, the wine and dinner portion of your evening sound fantastic. The screaming/non-bed-going/endless singing doesn't sound as fun!
The chicken really looks good. You definitely still have control of the kitchen!

Nuts about food said...

First of all, glad you didn't mind me linking to your blog for the crab recipes. Lov'em.
Secondly, I remember thinking "Oh, the terrible twos haven't hit and my little girl is so good about sleeping at night" until she hit three and all hell broke loose. It'll pass, as you know, but it sure is tough while it lasts...

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear of the change in your son...maybe he'll just grow out of it... like in a day or two?? :) Hope it does get better soon!
The chicken looks and sounds so wonderful!

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