Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wild Alaskan Salmon, Sunday's Dinner

I'm officially in a funk and trying to find a way to post and not bring all of you down with me. I mean this is a food blog, right? Not a place to share (with anyone who will listen) my life's issues, concerns and worries. We all have enough problems of our own, and you surely didn't come here to be burdened by mine. In fact, if you are here (I mean reading this) you're most likely one of my dear followers whom I love and adore or a poor soul who Googled "hot dog social taste test" and inadvertently ended up on my site~ don't panic ~according to my bounce rate, it's apparently way easy to get out!

I'm feeling better since last Wednesday, but am still awaiting news and not completely focused on food. Rest assure we've been eating. The weekend began with my brother-in-law (who was in our area for work) surprising us with a basil and tomato brick oven pizza from one of our all time favorite restaurants! The gesture was perfect, as it was a rare Friday evening we had no grand plans for dinner.

Saturday morning found us at the farmer's market picking up 4 1/2 lbs of pork spare ribs. Operation dry rub led to a photo worthy dish followed by a devouring of succulent ribs so fast and fierce... without photos (there was no time)... no one's even sure they really existed.

Sunday morning was scrambled eggs with slice of thick cut Amish bacon, coffee and a side of headache. Tonight this beautiful piece of wild Alaskan salmon was doused in ginger, garlic and soy with subtle hints of sesame oil, honey and lemon. Cooked in the oven at 375, 18 minutes later it was perfectly done and so delicious... I wanted to share it with you.


Katerina said...

It is true that all of us have problems of our own, but we say in Greece that joy, when you share it, becomes double and sadness, when you share it, becomes half. I am sorry about the translation. I hope you understand what I mean. Speaking with people, I believe, is the best psychotherapy. Food also helps to elevate our mood.

Syd said...

Yummm! Beautiful piece of fish.

Should you decide to unburden yourself, I will gladly lend an ear.

Be well, my friend.

Joanne said...

Oh babe, hang in there! We are with you through thick and thin. Have no fear of that.

This piece of salmon is truly gorgeous! I hope it lifted your spirits a bit!

Mary Bergfeld said...

We are here to stay! Your salmon looks really gorgeous, I hope the day treats you kindly. Blessings...Mary

Simply Life said...

looks like the perfect piece of salmon! yum!