Monday, May 3, 2010

Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce

There was a favorite neighborhood bar we used to frequent on the Lower East Side, whenever we had a hankering for wings. Saw dust upon the floor and the latest version of Golden Tee...when my husband and his friend stumbled upon the venue, late one snowy, Saturday afternoon...I was certain I'd lost him forever!

Self-proclaimed, wing connoisseurs, we've spent our last few suburbia years on a quest for the 'perfect buffalo sauce', only to find most lacking in flavor. Then one day came "Frank"...and his Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce... tossed amongst our freshly grilled, hot and crispy wings... it was like being right there back in NYC..."where everybody knew our name and they were always glad we came!" (<--wait, that was Boston! Oh well!) We've tried the you try the best!

(Fast forward 10 years and... it's baby wipes to cleanse our hands and Cheerios (not saw dust) inside our shoes...)


Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

Franks sauce is the best, hands down. If you can't find the wing version just get regular Franks Red Hot and add some butter, voila instant wing sauce! My hubby always amps up the heat factor by adding cayenne pepper but I like it as is :) Glad you found a sauce you like!

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of Franks Red Hot as well! I dip potato chips in it, sometimes drizzle it on tacos, always smother my chicken in it, occasionally put some in rice or baked potatoes and have actually put it on corn on the cob during summer bbq's. But the beer may have been enhancing the flavor for the red hot corn on the cob. I'll have to repost after an upcoming 2010 summer bbq...