Thursday, May 27, 2010

Easy Peach Cobbler, The Secret's Out!

Hands down the EASIEST Cobbler you'll ever make...if you don't already know about this TOP SECRET simple'll thank me for sharing! If you do know, then possibly you're mad I'm spilling the beans...divulging a secret that (for long) had people assuming you were an accomplished baker - who obviously took 'care and time' in the kitchen!

Absolutely PERFECT for this weekend (and long into the hot, summer months)... because we're all busy planning our menus, I'll keep this post (like the dessert itself)...short, sweet and to the point.

In the amount of time it took for you to read this - you could have, showered, dressed...prepared this cobbler .........and had it baking in the oven!

Easy Peach Cobbler:
1 large can sliced peaches in heavy syrup (drained of most but not all of the juice)
1/2 to 3/4 box white or yellow cake mix, dry
Butter, sliced (you can use as much as you want - but I usually end up
using about 1 stick)
Prepared Vanilla Ice Cream (optional, or in the words of my husband, "is it really?")

Set your oven to 375. Pour peaches with a little juice into a oven safe casserole dish. Pour the dry cake mix all over the top of the peaches. Place butter slices all over the top. Stick a fork in and out - all around just to incorporate some of the ingredients (don't stir). Place in the oven until hot, lightly browned on top, and bubbly delicious (about 30 min's). The EASIEST peach cobbler you'll ever make! DELICIOUS! (TRY IT ON A SMALLER SCALE IN RAMEKINS OR WITH OTHER FRUITS AND CAKE MIXES - CHERRIES AND DARK CHOCOLATE PERHAPS...) Even make a day ahead and reheat in the oven for a few minutes until hot & bubbly!


chow and chatter said...

oh this is great

Anonymous said...

My mom called this dump cake! Just DUMP and DONE!